We work with
smart technology
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Our work is simple – it’s helping you succeed. This not a mere promise. Our partnership begins with a detailed business plan that defines your challenges and offers suitable solutions.

This helps you keep an eye on the progress and ensures your investment will generate the expected profit.

7 years

in the business

14 countries

in connection




successful projects

Tested quality

FOB Solutions was born in 2013 with a focus on Quality Assurance, so we know better than anyone that a great software does not just look good – it must work well also. All the time. Under expected and unexpected conditions.

Whichever solution we build for you, we will assist your team to implement it and offer them comprehensive training to ensure a smooth transition.

A team of passionate professionals

Our team is not just a group of dedicated professionals, but also bright-eyed enthusiasts in their respective fields. Fintech, logistics, government, telecommunication, healthcare – we have experience in all of these.

Regardless of the task, you’ll know the person sitting across from you will bring both expertise and passion to the project at hand.

Deeper meaning of our work

Aiming high and helping our customers to achieve financial success is important to us, but not only that.

In today’s society, the knowledge on technology is a powerful tool, as it really helps to make the world a better place. This is exactly what we’re hoping to do, by creating technologies with a small ecological footprint, and automating processes, enabling people to enjoy more free time.

Our work process


Map out how we can help


Define KPIs


Design the features & get feedback


Coding and testing in 2-week sprints