Are you looking to conquer new markets, make your customer relations stronger or achieve other business goals? Describe your needs and leave the solution to us.

We have helped many customers like you, by creating mobile apps, web platforms and various smart solutions. In addition to technological developments, we offer you solid business knowhow.

What can FOB do for you

We provide you with engaging customer and back-office solutions to grow your business and make it smarter. Looking for something to make your customers more profitable or give you an edge over the competition? We’ve got you covered!

Mobile apps

We build iOS, Windows, and Android apps for all mobile devices, including phones and tablets.


We help with cross-platform applications, responsive websites and native-wrapped apps.

IoT/smart device/smartwatch

We create innovative and interactive solutions for early adopters.

Backend/server/business logic

We mostly build our own backend solutions, but can also improve the ones done by others.


We offer end-to-end software solutions. From front to back and everything in between.

Challenge accepted

Are you a one-man garage startup that needs to build an app from scratch or part of a big organisation and simply need a helping hand to deliver a project to a deadline? FOB’s track record proves we have the know-how and resources to help you.

A partner, not just a subcontractor

You will get much more than simply man-hours. Our competent developers’ insights will be invaluable, whether you’re designing the next big hit on the Play Store, or setting up a CRM system that will take your company’s up-selling to the next level.

Measurable solutions

Together we will define the task, which is always followed by a precise plan. This includes the goals and an action plan of how those goals will be achieved. This will help you easily keep track of the achieved results.

Mobile app backend solution FOB Solutions, MyGames
Mobile Development Full Solution Flutter Sports Agile


Our team built a full solution mobile application and backend system solution.

My Games aims to be nr1 platform amongst tennis enthusiasts, gamifying making tennis related activities while making them digital and more accessible.

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What are FOB's services all about?


We help you keep pace with innovation by creating innovative solutions and modernising the internal processes of your business.


Our main goals are to support you in reaching financial targets and giving you the competitive edge. You will always have the tools to measure your success.


Exceptional quality is achieved with dedication and hard work. For FOB Solutions, nothing is ever too much, because we truly love what we do.