If you want to get the most out of your most valuable resource – motivated and qualified employees – then you’d better optimize your company in a way that they won’t be bogged down with mundane administrative tasks.

We have the technology to help you delegate more tedious work to computers and leave your people more time and energy to focus on profitable work.

What can FOB do for you

Just some examples of how we can help your business operate smarter and more efficiently.

Operational analysis

to identify areas that can be digitized

Automated data and information flows

between different business units

Digital integrations

between different business infrastructure environments

Digitized processes

and operational streamlining

Less paperwork, fewer mistakes

Digitizing will help you stop draining your budget and nature. It will also make your data easier to index and find. Manual data-entry is never completely error free. Your computers, if set up properly, can be.

Better communication

Digging in your mailbox and endless phone calls are history if you can store your information digitally and make it accessible to the whole team.

Work smarter not harder

Digitalizing your business operations is a must for any company who has their eye set on growth, as it helps keep your employees happier and more productive.

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Mobile Application Aviation Digitization Automation Developing Partner


Our team is responsible for continuous development and maintenance of the code,

Latvian aviation company airBaltic wanted to have their information flow really quick and smooth so they built a mobile application for internal processes. 

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What are FOB’s services all about?


We help you keep pace with innovation by creating innovative solutions and modernising the internal processes of your business.


Our main goals are to support you in reaching financial targets and giving you the competitive edge. You will always have the tools to measure your success.


Exceptional quality is achieved with dedication and hard work. For FOB Solutions, nothing is ever too much, because we truly love what we do.