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FOB Solutions is an ambitious and warm multicultural team. We are like the International Space Station, connecting people for a mission and enabling flexible ways of working together.

While making the world a more user-friendly place, we always find time to care about each other. Without this we would all just go nuts.

Our day is full of interesting projects and technologies – just the way we like it. And the way you like it too, right? If so, you are more than welcome to join the mission.

Open positions

Java Full-Stack Developer

Do you have what it takes to be our next Java Full-Stack Developer? Challenge yourself in an exciting environment next to the coolest colleagues and join FOB Solutions!


Senior Full-Stack Developer

Would you like to develop critical yet meaningful projects and systems that make a real impact to the society?


You'll be joining a supportive atmosphere and a flexible work environment.


You have expertise to share that was not listed?
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Working here

Aleks, Developer

Co-workers are awesome. If you like to develop then it won’t be boring.

There is no single product meaning that there is always something to work on. Opportunity to work with different projects keeps the personal-development wheel moving in full gear. Sometimes it can be hard and there is no comfort-zone. An ongoing learning to keep up with the various projects.

Aleksander, Team Lead/Project Manager

There is never a dull moment in FOB. Working on various projects gives me an opportunity to develop my skills in different areas. With the support of my awesome team and the flexibility that FOB provides, I am able to take on new challenges with a positive mindset.

Urmas, Tech Lead

FOB as a company embraces my development and gives opportunities to prove myself. At the same time, I need to be open minded to accept new challenges and test my limits.

Karmen, QA Specialist

The coolest colleagues make FOB the best environment to work and improve your skill set. Always feeling positive and uplifting vibes around the office.

Hard stuff

Decent pay – unlike in London, after paying the rent of your swish apartment, you still have the luxury of buying food

Free parking – comes in handy, especially in winter, when you swap bike rides for car rides

Career opportunities – we know how to spot jewels and keep them growing with us

Soft stuff

Fresh fruit – an apple a day gives a fresh start to your brain

Celebrations – we are a tribe with whom to celebrate your personal and our joint highlights and anniversaries

FOB Solutions office in Ülemiste City.
FOB Solutions office in Ülemiste City.
FOB Solutions office in Ülemiste City.

Relaxy stuff

Flexible and remote – we’re flexible on time and place

Health insurance – we care about your health and therefore you have immediate access to medical care

Fun events – does the Dalai Lama drink beer after work? Anyway…we do, at our awesome team events

Check out what we’re up to here.

Other stuff

Mentoring – we provide you with an older brother who’s got your back from day one

New certificates – if you wish, we will make sure you can get your new badass skills certified

Trainings – not like in high school but on topics that actually interest you

Development discussions – 1-on-1, so you can succeed and come clean if there’s something that bothers you