Certified Elastic Consultation Services are ideal for organisations new to or expanding their Elastic Stack deployment, those with complex data environments or specialised needs, businesses aiming to optimise search, observability, or security capabilities, and teams requiring expert guidance for successful Elastic Stack adoption.

Our Elastic-certified consultants with deep technical knowledge and real-world experience provide expert guidance and support to organisations throughout their Elastic Stack journey.

What can FOB do for you

We provide expert guidance and support for optimising the usage of Elastic's suite of products, including Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. These services encompass architecture design, implementation support, performance optimisation, custom development, training, migration, monitoring, and security. By leveraging these services, organisations can enhance their search, logging, monitoring, and analytics capabilities, driving insights and innovation to fuel business growth and success.

Assessment and Planning

Consultants assess your current infrastructure, data, and use cases to develop a tailored Elastic Stack strategy aligned with your business goals.

Implementation and Configuration

Experts guide you through the deployment and configuration of Elastic Stack components, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.

Data Onboarding and Integration

Consultants help you ingest, transform, and enrich your data from various sources, making it searchable and actionable within the Elastic Stack.

Search Optimization and Analytics

Experts fine-tune your search experience, implement advanced analytics, and create custom visualisations to extract valuable insights from your data.

Security and Compliance

Consultants help you secure your Elastic Stack environment, implement authentication and authorisation mechanisms, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

Consultants provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to empower your team with the skills and knowledge needed to manage and maintain your Elastic Stack effectively.

Faster Time to Value

Certified consultants streamline project timelines, accelerate implementation, and help you achieve desired outcomes faster.

Efficiency and Performance

Experts optimise your Elastic Stack configuration, ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and resource utilisation.

Security and Compliance

Consultants help you safeguard your data, protect against threats, and meet regulatory requirements.

Increased ROI

Certified services maximise the value of your Elastic Stack investment, delivering tangible business benefits and long-term success.

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What are FOB's services all about?


We help you keep pace with innovation by creating innovative solutions and modernising the internal processes of your business.


Our main goals are to support you in reaching financial targets and giving you the competitive edge. You will always have the tools to measure your success.


Exceptional quality is achieved with dedication and hard work. For FOB Solutions, nothing is ever too much, because we truly love what we do.