Businesses with demanding needs require an A-list quality assurance service provider. Many such clients have chosen FOB as their partner, and we will be happy to help your company as well.

What can FOB do for you

Help you with a robust and structured quality excellence process and execution with measurable milestones and clear outcomes.

Audit Software

development process analysis and quality KPI implementation

Manual testing

activities for best user experience, desired functionality and looks

Planning and management

of high-quality product delivery

Automated testing

to mitigate business risks. Time efficiency, faster delivery time and reduced repetitive tasks

Cify open source

framework for testing solutions that require cross-platform, cross-device, cross-application, cross farms and cross-device farm support

Technical testing

activities to meet the performance and system requirements while complying with the security standards

Benefits of our approach

QA has been the core of our business for several years. We understand how important it is for the success of your product to be customer-ready and bug-free on release. The benefits of launching a product with the highest quality are easy to see:

  • Better product = happier customers & a more successful business
  • Minimised product launch risk = peace of mind & less energy wasted on hasty bug fixes
  • Optimised software development = simply saves time & money

The early bird finds the bug

To guarantee the best possible user experience at the lowest cost, we suggest you start the continuous quality testing process as soon as possible.

Involving us in the planning phase will help discover and minimise potential issues. At the same time, it will help save money because repairing development errors in a growing infrastructure is less cost-effective and more difficult.

Test Methodologies, product quality, Philz Coffee
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Philz Coffee

Our team provided QA support for this product, encompassing functional testing, integration testing, performance testing, and security testing.

Philz Coffee is a coffee shop chain with 52 stores throughout the US, specialising in customized blends of Coffee, Tea, and food products.

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What are FOB's services all about?


We help you keep pace with innovation by creating innovative solutions and modernising the internal processes of your business.


Our main goals are to support you in reaching financial targets and giving you the competitive edge. You will always have the tools to measure your success.


Exceptional quality is achieved with dedication and hard work. For FOB Solutions, nothing is ever too much, because we truly love what we do.